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Here are videos from friends and members of forums also i pick out few. If you recommend me to put video please send link to tiki at tiki dot nu. Please use requirements.

  1. Have no or few words or else close caption
  2. Be YouTube video or other what i can embed.
  3. Be happy or inspiry.
  4. Not be political.
  5. Ok to be religious except must not be proselytizer video.

Thank you! Tiki

No fear mouse cuddles up next to kitten

Here is mostly beautiful video its gonna make you cry. Friend Candy sent to me.

Here is cutie squirrel baby video

Friend video of the week 2/4/2012 Blind Dog Living in a Trash Pile Gets the Most Beautiful Rescue - The End is Amazing from candy¹ Thank you candy!

So funny dog!

Here is cutie baby pig video that i found out 11/3/2012

Friend video of the week 27/2/2012
Peaceful Sunrise from Sukie Wu¹

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Friend video of the week 20/2/2012
Beautiful Chill Out Music (Turkish) from ♪ *~ Lola ~* ♪

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Friend video of the week 13/2/2012
Otters holding hands from Wicky¹

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Friend video of the week 6/2/2012
World's Cutest Kitten from Tearful Love¹

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¹Possible you gotta logon to view profile.


Here is list of friends videos.

Thank you to friends that recommend videos!

Please send video recommends to me at here.