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Here will be photos and information of Hindu faith. It is NOT for convert you for you will learn of Hinduism.


Here is Mahalakshmi. She is consort of god who is Srimannarayana or else Vishnu and other names.


If you ask 10 hindus what do symbols mean you will have 10 answers and all different. Here are symbols that i found out when i was little child.

You will see her to have for arms and she will hold lotus flower in to hands. Lotus flower is symbol for purity also how can we be pure in dirty world because lotus flower will grow in dirty water except it is beautiful and pure. Lotus hands are symbol for duty and salvation. In third hand she will issue gold and its symbol for wealth that she will give to us because she is goddess for wealth and beauty. In forth hand she will open it and show palm to us and it is symbol for we better be generous and give to poor.

If Lakshmi Devi will sit she will put one foot on ground and its for part we are in material world. Other foot will be hi and its for part we are in spiritual world.

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